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Panda Vaajakoski Helmi 162 g

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Panda Vaajakoski Helmi 162 g
2 500 Ft
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Fine Chocolate confectionery: Sugar, cocoa mass * (non-EU), cocoa butter * (non-EU), vegetable oils (coconut, fully hardened (coconut, canola)), WHOLE MILK POWDER, starch syrup, skimmed milk powder, skimmed milk fat, low fat lecithin), maltodextrin (maize), molasses, flavorings (eg peppermint oil, vanillin), dried blackcurrant, colors (E120, E160c, E141), gelling agent (E440), salt, preservative (E211), acidity regulator (E331), dried . MAY CONTAIN SMALL QUANTITIES OF HAZELNUTS AND ALMONDS. * Rainforest Alliance certified. Read more

If a product contains ingredients that cause allergies or intolerances in accordance with the Food Information Regulation, they are highlighted in CAPITAL LETTERS in the list of ingredients.

Note! Product information is subject to change, please always check the product information on the packaging.

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